Friday, November 14, 2008

TFF Debut - The Round-Up!

Welcome to the inaugural round-up of Tyler Florence Fridays. This marks the first exciting week of Tyler's recipes, as tried, tested and tasted by us! We are happy to report that we have had a fun week of finding recipes and playing with them at home. As with the weeks to come, we all got to choose which TF recipe we would like to cook. Without further ado, here are the results:

Megan, of My Baking Adventures made a beautiful Chicken Cacciatore that she found on the Food Network website. She was intrigued by the novel ingredients and method, and happy to try an old favourite in a new style. The results? A very happy family and an invitation to dinner for Tyler by the children. Well, he is a family man!

Next we have Deb from Kahakai Kitchen, who made a Brussels Sprouts Salad with Pancetta and Cranberries from one of Tyler's new books, Stirring the Pot. Deb went outside of her comfort zone with this vegetable but was lured in with the pancetta. Deb's results? Converted! She would definitely make this again. Deb decided they needed no accompaniment and had the salad as a light dinner. Max the cat refrained.

Another Brussels sprouts recipe was chosen by Gloria of Cookbook Cuisine. Unfortunately Gloria didn't care for the Bacon Braised Brussels Spouts and Crunchy Roasted Rosemary Potatoes that she found on the Food Network website. We all applaud the fact that she chose to do two recipes, and hope that next week Gloria finds something she loves.

Next we have Andrea from Nummy Kitchen who made (not so) Cold Sesame Noodles, a dish she found on the Food Network Website. Andrea is a noodle lover, like me, and couldn't resist adding these adorable children's chopsticks for the photo. She enjoyed the noodles and is already thinking of new variations for them!

Lastly we have my own submission. On my site, Living in the Kitchen with Puppies, I posted the results of a recipe from one of Tyler's new cookbooks, Dinner at My Place. I made Penne with Spicy Italian Sausage, Cream, Tomatoes, and Peas and it was a big hit with the family. We have had early darkness, rain and high winds lately and this hearty, delicious dish was perfect for them to come home to.

Want to join us for Tyler Florence Fridays? We would be thrilled to have you. Just drop us a line at for details. Please put TFF in the subject line. See you next Friday!


Queen B. said...

Wow...all I can say is I love this group already !!!!! I'm a huge Tyler fan..HUGE.
You all have inspired me with all the recipes. I love the idea that you can choose the recipe...that really appeals to me..........
See you next Friday............. !!@ Maybe I'll be brave and join................

Andrea said...

Great round up, Natashya! The dishes everyone picked look wonderful! I am a huge brussels sprout fan, I know not a lot of people are, but for whatever reason I love them, I will have to check out those recipes. Gloria, I'm sorry yours didn't turn out :(

Megan said...

Everything looks awesome, Natashya. This was an incredible idea and I want to thank you for putting all the effort into it. I've seen such inspired dishes, and can't wait to see what next week brings!

Natashya said...

I am so pleased that we had such wonderful participation. I am looking forward to many more great dishes and great friends.

Debinhawaii said...

Wonderful first round up. I am inspired by what everyone chose and look forward to seeing next weeks selections. I have mine picked I think!
Great job Natashya writing it all up and making TFF look so together and professional.

Queen B--Be brave and join! We'd love to have you!