Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17th Round-Up!

Good Tyler Florence Friday to you!
I hope the approaching weekend has you in good spirits, and good food and good times await.
Tyler's gals have been busy cooking up a storm, we have a little of everything this week.

Before we get to the round-up, I thought I'd share a video of Tyler on CBS News, teaching Harry Smith how to make an easy chicken dinner. Everyone loves a spring quickie! Dinner, of course.

Watch CBS Videos Online
Here is the link to the recipe.

Isn't he cute? I mean talented?
Ok, on to the fabulous round-up!

Andrea of Nummy Kitchen made these adorable Cherry Poppy Seed Muffins, and I am just going to say it - they are as cute as a bug! She found that turning the heat down gave her the texture that she and the kids loved. I would love these little guys too, too cute!

Leanne of Enjoying My Favorite Things made these tasty Blueberry Blintzes using her most resourceful kitchen ingenuity. Leanne comes from a long line of bandits (kidding!) and found that although she didn't have all the supplies for her first pick, this recipe adapted wonderfully to what she had on hand.

Deb of Kahakai Kitchen was doing some creative combining this week in the kitchen. She made Tyler's Sweet Mango Chutney for the Barefoot Bloggers Savory Couer a la Creme that she made this week. Talk about combining flavours! Delicious.

Glennis from cantbeliveweate made Tyler's Pan Roasted Soy Lacquered Salmon (say that 10 times fast!) and was so thrilled with the outcome. She served it with Vietnamese Salad Rolls and a sweet-spicy dipping sauce. What a wonderful sounding meal! Glennis has been greatly enjoying Tyler's alternative processes to brining and curing meats. Very creative!

Hannah of Sweet Cupcake Torture made these absolutely adorable Banana Nut Muffins (sans nuts) for a class of hungry sixth graders, dressing them up with Peanut Butter Icing and topped with a Mini Hershey Bar. (The cupcakes, not the students!) What a wonderful post-testing treat!

Heather from Girlichef made Tyler's Cherry Poppy Seed Muffins as well, finding the flavour nice but the texture a little heavy for her liking. I think I know the answer Heather - bug pans! Clearly you and I need to pick up some of those groovy pans that Andrea has.

Joanne of Eats Well With Others is enjoying everything about the new spring weather, but still loves her comfort food. She whipped up a batch of Tyler's Cranberry-Orange Sauce and turned it into an upscale grilled brie and cranberry sauce grilled cheese sammie on her George Foreman grill. Perfect hip college gal fare!

Karen from Something Sweet by Karen made this popular Roasted Acorn Squash with Cheese Tortellini and ranked it as one of the best Tyler recipes that she has tried so far. These have dinner party wow factor without too much fuss. I am going to have to make these soon, how delicious!

Kim of Stirring the Pot was happy to have found her cookbook in time to make this Egg Salad, which made for some delicious sandwiches. Kim is currently prepping for a family vacation on a Disney Cruise and was happy to have found a nice, quick recipe to try. The addition of lemon juice was especially intriguing in this recipe, sounds great! Have a good time, Kim.

Megan of My Baking Adventures made Tyler's Chicken Paillard which she declared her family’s new most favorite way to eat chicken EVER. Now that is some high praise! Even though she made extra, this was all that was left to photograph once her family started eating. Success!

Michelle of Big Black Dog made Tyler's Chocolate Pudding combined with Dorie's Cinnamon Custard and found that they were perfect for each other. Such a beautiful story, I am a sucker for a good romance. That is true pudding love right there, and special new dessert glasses to show it off, nice!

Pam of Sidewalk Shoes made LinkTolan's Mom's Potato Salad which she has billed as one of the top faves so far. she loved that the eggs get grated into the salad after they are boiled. No more big chunks of egg whites! Perfect dish for BBQ season.

Reeni of Cinnamon, Spice & Everything Nice took Tyler's Black Bean Soup and, er, souped it up! She made it even spicier with chipotle peppers and served it with Spicy Chile Chips. I love taking a great recipe and making it my own, nicely done Reeni!

On my own site, Living in the Kitchen with Puppies, I made Tyler's Shrimp and Ginger Siu Mai Dumplings. They actually weren't my favourite Tyler dish, but hubby liked them and they look cute on their little plates! Well, there is always next week.
Awesome dishes guys! Thanks for some wonderful submissions this week.
Don't forget about April's "Megan's Challenge", our optional monthly recipe challenge. This month's selection, Deep-Dish Ham Quiche with Herb and Asparagus Salad, is perfect for spring and of course you can adapt it any way you like. You can get the details right here.


Reeni♥ said...

Note to self: Don't look at TFF round-up when tummy is grumbling for dinner! I'd like some of everything! Now.

Debinhawaii said...

Great round-up Natashya!

Lots of wonderful Tyler dishes this week. Everyone did a great job as usual!

n.o.e said...

Thanks for the great roundup, Natashya, and great job with such a variety of dishes, everyone!!

girlichef said...

Oh my gosh...everything looks great! And YES, I definitely need some of those bug pans!! So cute!

Maria said...

Great round up! Everything looks amazing!

Jenny said...

Everything looks good - sorry I missed this week!

Gabe's Girl said...

Why do you do this to me? You always have such amazing stuff on here! Those cupcakes and that pudding just blew me away!