Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12th Round-Up!

Good Tyler Florence Fridays everyone! Hope the weather is being kind to you, I think our little cold snap here has, well, snapped.
What does this picture above have to do with Tyler Florence Fridays? So kind of you to ask. I came across it, labelled Waldorf Cooking Suite, on the internet and it got me to thinking.... our round-ups are almost like a virtual pot luck party, we have slowly gotten to know each other through cooking every week - imagine if we could all cook together. This would be the very kitchen for it. Room for everyone to chop, slice, saute, roast, blend, stir.. you get the picture. It's just a dream of course, we are scattered all over North America and, sometimes, beyond. But it sure is nice cooking together.
On that note, let's see what the Tyler Florence Fridays family have whipped up this week....

Andrea of Nummy Kitchen made this soft and tender Cinnamon Swirl Bread, complete with an instructional pictorial. It looks absolutely delish, Andrea. Perfect family fare that will make excellent French toast.. provided it lasts that long!

Arlene of The Food of Love made these colourful Tacos Carne Asada for Tyler Florence Fridays, saying, ""Nothing says the weekend like Mexican food. There's just something about the vibrant flavors of chillies and cilantro--not to mention a salt-rimmed Margarita or icy bottle of Mexican beer--to create that TGIF atmosphere.
In my dreams, Tyler is the guy who yells, "PAR-TAY!" as he does a half-gainer off the diving board. That is, of course, after he has fired up the grill and whipped up a pitcher of those icy concoctions. And what goes better with margaritas than some of Tyler's Tacos Carne Asada."

Beth of The Seventh Level of Boredom made this juicy Braised Beef Brisket from Dinner at My Place. Says Beth, "I’m already eyeing another brisket at the store…don’t be surprised if you see THIS recipe go into regular rotation in MY kitchen! It is absolutely fabulous!!! I think the pictures speak for themselves. Another winner from our guy, Ty!"

Deb of Kahakai Kitchen was looking for a simple accompaniment to go with her curried couscous and came upon Tyler's recipe for Turkish Spice Mix. The beautiful double lamb loin chops with the spice mix along with the couscous for a tasty and simple dinner with a Middle Eastern flair. Deb has a house guest this week, and get this - It isn't me! Life is so unfair..

Glennis from cantbelieveweate says, "We made Tyler's Blueberry Lemon Scones this week, and voted this one a Keeper! The scones were rich and buttery with just enough sweetness not to need anything more. I used frozen-from-fresh blueberries so there was no problem getting the dough and berries well acquainted! Next time I think Ill add just a hint of lemon zest to the batter to introduce another layer of flavor. They kept well overnight too...we were very restrained!"

Jenny of All Things Edible so loved Tyler's Banana Bread that she has recreated it twice since posting it. She loved his unusual step of creaming some of the banana in with the butter and sugar and was thrilled with the texture. I agree with Jenny, banana bread is tricky - a good recipe is a treasure.

Joanne of Eats Well With Others made this delicious Guacamole and Chipotle Grilled Chicken this week, in her ongoing effort to share flavourful and healthy eating habits with her family.
Check out her post to meet one cute little scaredy-dog!

Over at Something Sweet by Karen, Karen has a guest blogger - her very own sweetie whipped up Tyler’s Watermelon Gazpacho with Chilies and Feta Cheese. First of all, that looks and sounds delicious, second, I love that he is getting involved in the kitchen and in TFF and third.. these guys should be shooting magazine shots - the pictures are beautiful!

Kim of Stirring the Pot made this lovely Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie after an exciting trip to the farmer's market. (Where, by the way, they have music! How great is that!) Kim and her family dove in while the pie was still warm, intoxicated by the fresh baked fruit scent.

Kristin of Sogkonnite Living made Stir- Fried Beef with Tangerines, Green Beans and Chilies for Tyler Florence Fridays, using orange instead of the tangerines. Kristin liked the flavours, and will be trying this one again without the deep fried components.

Megan of My Baking Adventures fully embraced the concept of Mother's Little Helper this week and made up a batch of Tyler's Raspberry (Vodka) Lemonade. Is there any problem in life that a little paper umbrella can't fix? I think not.

Michelle of Big Black Dog made this beautiful Salmon Potato Hash for Tyler Florence Fridays, using some salmon sausage from her local market. She served it with Hollandaise Sauce for a decadent meal that had them licking the plates clean.

Pam of Sidewalk Shoes may not like getting up early on her holidays, but she is head over heels for brining. She made these gorgeous Juicy Pork Chops with Black Olive Tapenade and Roasted Vine Tomatoes that served as two nights worth of dinners for her and her hubby. The only thing better than an amazing dinner.. is two amazing dinners!

Over at Living in the Kitchen with Puppies, I made Tyler's Sage-Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Dried Plum Sauce which was absolutely delicious. Actually, as I just remembered that I have a little left over.. I had to stop posting for a minute and eat some cold out of the fridge. The pork is crusty on the outside, tender in the middle and the sauce has a whole bottle of wine in it - need I say more?
Tyler's Blog
The post we have selected to be profiled on Tyler's site is from Kim of Stirring the Pot . We loved the celebration of local, seasonal foods, the farmers market, and the lovely Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Feel free to send a slice or two to the hard working round-up people!
Congratulations Kim, the post should be on Tyler's Blog on Monday, we'll do a separate post when it is up.
Book Winner
This month's book winner is Arlene of The Food of Love. Congratulations Arlene, we will be contacting you soon!
"Megan's Challenge"
Finally, don't forget about the optional recipe "challenge", selected by Megan each month. You won't want to miss making June's pick: Tyler's Summer Rolls! Feel free to play with the recipe. You can get all the details


Kim said...

Thanks guys! I'm so excited to be picked this week. I wish everyone could've had a slice of that pie..sadly it is all gone : ( I pretty much ate the whole thing myself : ) Thanks again for all your hard work putting this site together. We have such a great group of foodies.

ARLENE said...

Kudos, Kim. Great entry.

Kristin said...

What a great round up this week! Everything looks so good! Congrats to Kim, that pie looked wonderful!

Reeni♥ said...

Yay! For Kim and her delicious pie! I would love to cook in that kitchen with all of you. I can't even imagine the kind of energy that would be pulsing through the room, not to mention the fun!

girlichef said...

Beautiful roundup...and great job, KIM!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and Kudos ladies! Kim...your description was fabulous! Arlene...Woo Hoo! Now...summer rolls...up tonight after graduation maybe! That would be quick and easy!

Debinhawaii said...

Great job with the round-up Natashya! Congrats to Kim! The pie is lovely. I want to get around to everyone's blogs and see the posts but it may be after my guest leaves on Sunday night! ;-)

Anonymous said...

wonderful round-up this week. congrats, Kim!!!

Julie said...

Every one of these pics left me drooling!