Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31st Round-Up!

Good Tyler Florence Fridays everyone!
I hope that you are all enjoying your summer and are managing to keep cool.. and well fed of course!
Let's see what our fabulous friends have been cooking up this week....

Arlene of The Food of Love made An Intoxicating Bourbon Peach Cobbler this week, that looks to die for!
"The cobbler is a cinch to make, but one taste will assure you that no one will care about anything but gobbling it up so they can have seconds. It was hard to eat dinner; both Larry and I wanted to cut to dessert, but reason prevailed. Rest assured that I will be making this with blueberries, apples, get the picture."
I propose a new guideline that submissions must now come with a delicious sample for the people working on the round-ups. (Which would be Deb and I) What do you think?

Chaya of Chaya's Comfy Cook made My Big Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies this week.
"It certainly is bigger but what could be wrong with a big cookie? We are not discussing calories now, not after eating two of those cookies. This chocolate chunk cookie was different. The flavor of the dough did not pop out at you but worked together with the chocolate to make something that varies from your average chocolate chip cookie. (I take it back. When it cooled, the taste did pop and was like a different cookie.)I usually use chips and I think I have to make my chunks larger to get more chocolate taste. (Yup, it was different cool and it seemed to have a lot more chocolate. When I took a look, there were many chocolate chunks peeking from the dough. I wonder if this is because the cookie flattened some as it cooled.)"

Deb of Kahakai Kitchen made this gorgeous Chicken Paillard with Fresh Fig Salad and Blue Cheese.
"Just when I think I have reached the pinnacle of Tyler's brilliant recipes, I find another gem out there that impresses me all over again.
This is so good and it is such a gorgeous dish too! I was thinking it might possibly be too many things on the plate and that the flavors might compete with each other, but I should not have doubted Tyler. Everything works so well together; the juiciness of the figs, the sweetness of the honey, the assertive, sharpness of the blue cheese, the peppery arugula, the crisp, salty pancetta, and the lightly anise flavor in the tarragon; they all compliment each other and add a new dimension of flavor to the chicken."

Congratulations to Deb, this beautiful dish has been chosen as the featured dish this week to be published on Tyler Florence's own blog!!

Your gorgeous post will be up next week.

Heather of HeatherIsAtHome made two dishes this week. White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese from Real Kitchen, and Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Hash from Dinner At My Place.
"Oh my holy goodness, he has yet again won my heart.
Okay, the mac and cheese was a given. It was oozy, gooey with some cheese. Won my heart over before I had the first bite. And did I mention, easy!!! It will definitely be a repeat, over and over again.
Now, for the real Tyler test. Brussels Sprouts -- I had my doubts. But oh my holy goodness, they were delicious."

Jenny of All Things Edible made Tyler's Quinoa Pilaf her own this month, using feta and green onions, yum! Jenny is the only one in the house who eats quinoa, oh well, more for her!

Katy of Alphabet Soup made Tyler's Country Meatloaf with Tomato Relish.
"The recipe involves a little bit of work, but really the end result is worth it.
We like this recipe because the meatloaf stays moist and has a lot of flavor. Even Kade ate some of this, and he's not a big meat eater."

Kim of Stirring the Pot made these cute little Strawberry-Lemon Puddings. A labour of love as she made every part from scratch.
"It was really good and would be even better if I had followed Tyler's directions and actually bought store-bought ingredients. Why do we do these things to ourselves??"

Kristin of Sogkonnite Living made Tyler's Quinoa Pilaf her own as well this month, tailoring the challenge to what she had on hand.
"It makes an excellent pilaf. This was quick & easy and had a very nice flavor."

Megan of My Baking Adventures made two dishes this week, to make up for missing a couple of weeks of TFF!
"First up – the mac and cheese. Somehow, I don’t think this is exactly what Tyler had in mind when he created this recipe. But in all fairness (to me), I had to make do with the ingredients on hand – and it still came out amazing. Isn’t that what really counts?"

"And the broccoli – well, my kids are certified broccoli lovers, so this will be a definite repeat. The lemon juice added that certain “something” that really perked up the flavor. I am a huge proponent of roasting vegetables – it gives them so much more flavor."

"Not a big shocker, but I really enjoyed this recipe. However, the next time I make it, I think I might go a little lighter on the cloves."

Michelle of Big Black Dog made Tyler's Creamy Garlicky Mussels.
"Tyler's Creamy Garlicky Mussels was fantastic!! Oh how I wish I had bought 4 lbs of mussels and made an entire loaf of broiled Garlic French Bread. While making the dish it smelled so fabulous, my mouth was watering and this does not happen to me very often! Tyler's recipe for Steamed Mussels is very similar and I think I might make that next week!"
Hmm, methinks I will be making this soon..

"My husband loves coconut and bread. I was so far from disappointed. It rocked! It was gone in a few hours. It is served with........
Really, Can you get any better? I will answer for you...NO! "

"When I eat good tomatoes, I don't want much done to them. I'm more than happy to eat them like an apple, taking big, messy bites out of them, with pauses for fresh sprinkles of salt. But sometimes, one needs to step up to the plate, and do a little something with them, and what I did was Tyler Florence's Heirloom Tomatoes and Black-Eyed Peas. Well, I sort of did it, since I didn't have any watercress or red onion, so I subbed in a little fresh parsley for color. And then I kind of diced them instead of artfully slicing them and arranging them oh-so-prettily like Tyler (we are on a first name basis) does."

"I have been intrigued by his brining techniques that so many of my fellow TFF friends have raved about. It really does make the meat so moist, well worth adding to the regular repertoire."
And, of course the tapenade is to die for. I had some more of this for lunch today, fantastic!
Thanks for all your delicious submissions this week guys, they are mouth-watering good!
Congratulations again Deb, you deserve the spotlight for your gorgeous, colourful, and seasonal dish, as well as your amazing hard work that you give to Tyler Florence Fridays.
Come back tomorrow for the Quinoa Pilaf round-up!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Congratulations Beth!

Check out Tyler Florence's Blog to see the gorgeous and green Roasted Tomatillo Salsa from Beth of The Seventh Level of Boredom. Beth's dish was our TFF featured recipe this week and is a perfect accompaniment to your grilling this summer. Stop by Tyler's site and take a look, and if you haven't yet, take a minute to visit Beth and say congrats!  

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24th Round-Up!

When browsing for some kind of new Tyler photo to kick off this week's round-up, I saw this photo of the book section inside of Tyler's Mill Valley store on, the blog of green living guru Danny Seo. (Fun blog by the way!). Danny says, "One aspect of the store that I loved is that it has a “collected” feel to it that makes you want to plop yourself down in the chair and read books and take your time shopping. Shopping to me is a bit of a stressful experience, so it was kind of a relief to find a bit of an oasis this day. In the back, there are these built-in bookcases overflowing with all types of cookbooks. If you’re a foodie, this is the place to go to browse, read, and pick-up a few great cookbooks." (You can see other pictures and read more about Danny's visit to the store here).

Nothing gets my heart a-flutter more than a cozy nook, full of food porn cookbooks to salivate over. Makes me want to curl up in that chair for a few hours and read through all of those gorgeous cookbooks and hopefully get a glimpse or two of Tyler. ;-)

On now to more food porn; the gorgeous Tyler dishes our TFF group have created this week:

Kristin from Sogkonnite Living is here with a Potato & Chourico Tortilla. Kristin says, "This was made by all things I had in the house already- thus continuing my (mostly) grocery shopping free summer." Although good hot, Kristin found it even tastier cold the next day and says, "I'm thinking this would make a great recipe for a brunch or for a pot luck dinner. Easy to make, better prepared ahead and easily transported. Another TF hit!!"

Welcome to Melissa from The Kitchen Canister, joining us for the first time at TFF this week with Tyler's Stir Fried Beef with Tangerines, Green Beans and Chiles. Melissa says this recipe is sure to be a favorite at her house, saying, "As far as the taste of this recipe goes, it was incredible.... The only thing I was disappointed with was the oranges. Maybe I didn't cook them enough or something, but the skin definitely did not lose all of its bitterness. We ended up peeling the skin off. Next time I make this, I will peel them ahead of time."

Beth from The Seventh Level of Boredom says that her tastebuds would give Tyler a standing ovation if they could, for his Roasted Tomatillo Salsa recipe! Beth says, "So, really, this recipe couldn't be easier, and now that I know it is this good, I'll be making another batch just as soon as I can get my hands on some more tomatillos, and I'm going to freeze jars of it for later! I really hope you do try this...I think it is the perfect summer food. I'm wondering how I could work it into a marinade for chicken or pork and then grill that up.....hmmm.... you might be seeing THAT post soon, too!"

Jenny at All Things Edible had several Tyler recipes ready to go but found his Chili Dogs suited her mood and sore toe this week--simple and easy. Unfortunately, they didn't end up being her favorite Tyler recipe--a bit too much ketchup taste for her. Jenny says, "Would I make this again? Maybe, but only if I had people over to feed that I knew would enjoy a basic chili. And I'd increase the chili powder, and maybe find something else to go in there to counter the ketchup and its sweetness."

Tyler's recipes have become a mainstay around her house for Glennis from Can'tbelieveweate and his Tacos Carne Asada was no exception with it's flank steak marinated in citrus and spices. Glennis calls this a "serious keeper recipe", saying, "These were really wonderful. A little different than the fajita recipe...They were re-born today as carne asada quesadillas."
I really love dual purpose recipes! Way to go Tyler!

"This stuff is called "ultimate" for a reason!" says Tammy at Sassafras Cafe about Tyler's Ultimate Barbecued Chicken. "The ultimate barbecue sauce is some of the best I have had, with a perfect balance of spice and sweetness and a thick, velvety texture that clings to the chicken. The Ultimate Barbecued Chicken was delicious with corn-on-the-cob, baked beans, and potato salad. I can't wait to make this again!"

Chaya from Chaya's Comfy Cook Blog made Tyler's Coleslaw with Pecans and Spicy Dressing her way, making a few changes and adding some craisins and yellow raisins. She says, "This was a delicious salad. Everyone, at the table, liked it and had seconds. I would make this again and again and again. The crunch and dressing made this just enough special to set it apart from so many run of the mill cabbage salads. Hats off to Tyler."

Welcome to Katy from Alphabet Soup who joins us for the first time this week. Katy took advantage of a rainy chilly day in Texas to make Tyler's comforting Chicken Noodle Soup. With a lot going on in her house and life, and missing some ingredients, it turned out to be a harder process than she thought. Still she says, "I thought it was very good. Although I wish I'd had the fresh thyme. I think it would have punched up the flavor a bit. This recipe will be going in my keeper file, though it probably won't see the light of day again until the middle of winter. :)"

Also with rainy weather and hearing the soup calling is Natashya at Living in the Kitchen with Puppies who made Tyler's Thai Coconut Chicken Soup, saying that there is nothing nicer to come home to on a blustery day. Natashya says, "The soup I made according to the recipe, except that I minced the ginger and Thai chilies right into the soup and I subbed bamboo shoots for the straw mushrooms. Ooh, and doubled the garlic of course! It was so fragrant and soothing." Served with some yummy-looking Sesame Breadsticks, it is a perfect meal.

Happy 100th post to Joanne at Eats Well With Others! She is celebrating with Tyler's Ultimate Barbecued Chicken. (Miraculous since she is on the 12th flour of an apartment in Manhattan!) Taking creative license with "barbecued" she brined her chicken, covered it with BBQ sauce and baked it. She says, "Personally, I believe the brining is the key because the chicken became infused with this sweet/salty almost buttery chickeny flavor. It tasted more like chicken than any chicken I've eaten in a while. And the barbecue sauce? Good stuff."

A big fan of all kinds of pasta, Kim of Stirring the Pot celebrated her 101st post last week with Tyler's Penne with Baby Artichokes, Black Olives and Peas. Congrats Kim! She says, "The pasta was very bright from the lemon and very fresh tasting with the artichokes, lemon and olives. The tomato paste created a pretty color and a nice tomato flavor. I really enjoyed this as a light lunch. I think it could even be eaten cold as a pasta salad."

After some days of healthy eating, Pam from Sidewalk Shoes was ready to indulge in some meat and cheese and chose Tyler's Chili Cheese Dogs as her indulgence. Pam says, "These were good, just what I had in mind. Now, the topping felt, and tasted, a little more "Manwichy" than chili to me, but that was okay. Nothing better than a beefy hot dog, topped with more beef, and then topped with cheese."

At Kahakai Kitchen, I chose Tyler's Mushroom, Goat Cheese and Truffle Oil Panini, a mushroom lover's delight. The combination of ingredients and flavors really work in this one; it is savory and earthy and really, really good. I had trouble not eating all of the mushrooms in their various stages before I even got them on the sandwich! A keeper recipe for me and a great vegetarian sandwich.

Great recipes--a blend of old and new favorites!

And so that brings us to the pick for our TFF featured recipe for the week that will be posted on Tyler's blog for the world to see. Another tough decision but we just had to go with the green, spicy beauty of the Roasted Tomatillo Salsa from Beth at The Seventh Level of Boredom! The perfect condiment for everything from chips to tacos to grilled meats, it screams summer. Congratulations Beth--we look forward to seeing your salsa on Tyler's blog next week!

Finally there is still time to make our optional "Megan's Challenge" Quinoa Pilaf by the end of the month. (Get the recipe and details here). Screaming for your creative variations, this dish makes a good veggie entree or a healthy side dish for your summer grilling.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Congratulations Heather!

Heather of Girlichef made this beautiful Roast Chicken with Wilted Butter Lettuce and Peas from the latest issue of Food Network Magazine and was selected to have her post profiled on Tyler Florence's own blog! Click here to check it out. Congrats again Heather!

Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17th Round-Up!

Did you know that Tyler Florence made baby food? Not just any baby food but organic baby food.
"My wife Tolan and I want our children to eat food that is wholesome and delicious, but like most parents, we have careers and busy lives. So as a father, I'm always thinking about what I want my children to eat and how I can treat them to the healthy and delicious meals they deserve...even when time is an issue.
My longtime friend Max and I put our heads together to try and create a new food product for babies that would help parents make easy and smart decisions for their children. We looked at everything from the packaging and presentation to how the food was cooked and of course, the ingredients themselves. As a chef, I focused on complimentary food combinations and ways to cook them to bring out all of the gorgeous natural flavors inside. With thousands more taste buds than even adults have, babies love great taste. And with Sprout, we are determined to give them the flavors they crave.
Sprout Baby Food is the result of many years of research, development and most importantly, fatherhood. And I know that you and your baby will agree that my love of food and flavor comes through in every delicious bite."

Tyler Florence, as quoted on

I couldn't resist showing you the Tyler with Baby shot one more time. Is there anything sweeter than a man with a baby? One, two, three, now... aaawwww!
Oh, and in case you were wondering.. no. This does not mean that I have baby fever. My kids are grown and the only babies I have are of the four legged variety. Hey Tyler, when is your organic dog food coming out?

Speaking of feeding the family.... (ok, not sure if that worked as a segue) Let's see what the Tyler Florence Fridays family whipped up this week!

Arlene of The Food of Love made Grilled Brie and Tomato with Arugula Pesto on Crusty Bread, accompanied by a nice bottle of wine to toast her 60th birthday!
"I had bought a lovely baguette and some rocket at a local farmers' market and had a piece of brie just waiting in the wings. I've made pesto with any number of herbs, so an arugula pesto sounded like a terrific variation.
My special lunch went together very quickly and I have a good-sized jar of pesto leftover to enjoy, perhaps in a pasta or maybe a chicken entree.
Turning 60 is a huge milestone. Being able to enjoy a glass of Corvo and a lovely, toasty adult version of grilled cheese is one of the upsides of getting older."
Happy Birthday Arlene!!

Beth of The Seventh Level of Boredom made these beautiful Thai Grilled Beef Skewers.
"Just look at those grill marks....doesn't it make your mouth water? Hmmmm? Now, imagine me, kicked back on my new, nicely shaded deck, leaned back in my adirondak chair, beer on one armrest, plate of grilled beef in the other, pulling little pieces of tender meat off the skewer and dipping them in my spicy soy, then tipping my head back to keep the juice from dripping on my chin while I drop the juicy tidbit in my mouth....finger food at its finest....jealous? Don't be! Go make your own! Cuz I know you're not getting any of mine!"

Our newest participan, Chaya of Comfy Cook, made Tyler's Amaretto Chocolate Brownies with Walnuts.
"I have to tell you that these brownies were the best. They were not the fudgiest which I love. They were not oozing chocolate which I also love. They were dark and firm and not too sweet. I often find that many cakes, cookies, brownies and all sweets, live up to their name (sweets) and are cloying and leave an aftertaste.
Tyler’s brownies are my kind of brownies. The taste was superb."

"Tyler does it again! The salmon cakes are a great combination of flavors with the ginger, garlic, shallot, green chili and cilantro. The syrupy sauce, drizzled over the baby bok choy and salmon cakes is delicious. I used a beautiful piece of wild sockeye salmon and the cakes turned out really moist. I am used to breaking up cooked fillets for my salmon cakes and I loved the difference in texture that came from starting with the little cubes of raw salmon."

Heather of Girlichef made this beautiful Roast Chicken with Wilted Butter Lettuce and Peas from the latest issue of Food Network Magazine.
"This was a fabulous meal for summertime...or anytime I'm sure. The gorgeous wilted lettuce salad was amazing...the beurre blanc was a silky cover for this mild lettuce, with the sweet little pops of the peas and the addition of the radicchio added a nice little bite. Paired with the beautiful, juicy thyme-essence of the chicken with its golden-crisp skin...I could have been back in my first apartment just as easily as in my current kitchen with my hubby and kiddos. Joy!"
We think this is just fabulous too! That is why we have selected Heather's post as the feature post of the week, to be admired by all, next week on Tyler's own blog! Congratulations Heather!

"Not only does it feed the eyes with the bright colors, it feeds the sense of smell with the slightly smoky aroma that wafts up from the grill. Lastly this recipe tantalizes the taste buds. The sauce cloaks the creamy sweet corn with more creaminess, the deep musky flavor of the chiles and the tang of lime juice. We were sorry there was only one ear of corn each this time!"

Heather of HeatherIsAtHome made Tyler's Grilled Cheese and Chicken Noodle Soup to go with it.
"This week I was looking for an extremely quick and easy recipe to try, just because I've had so much else to do.
First, WOW, what a great sandwich!!! It was such a great combination - mozzarella and basil pesto, and that was with using plain mozzarella (my store didn't sell smoked mozzarella). This will most definitely become part of my regular summer rotation. I highly recommend our friends at TFF try it, if they haven't already; they'll pleasantly be surprised.
The soup earned an A, even served on a hot summer night. I did serve it room temperature rather than piping-hot and thought it completed the meal nicely."

"See any pecans in there? Well, that's cause there aren't any. I'm not a big fan of pecans, so I subbed my pecans for goat cheese. And trust me, that sub works just fine!
Yes, I deviated quite a bit from Tyler's actual recipe, but that's okay, I'm sure Tyler of all people would be okay with that. Especially since it was tasty and enjoyed by all. My children loved having peaches and goat cheese on their salad, my husband liked that I did not put goat cheese on his."
"This is the first summer I've been able to concentrate on summer themed meals and it's been fun. Our dinners have been light meals and my desserts pretty and refreshing. When I found Tyler's Risotto-Style Strawberry Rice Pudding I knew I had to try it."

The lovely and talented Pam of Sidewalk Shoes is lamenting the end of her summer vacation. Back to school so soon! To console herself she made a simple yet delicious Cucumber and Watercress Salad.
"We all know that Tyler can do complicated. He can do pots and pans, and more pots and pans, and even more pots and pans. But I am here to tell you that, he can also do simple. And "simple" is my middle name. I used to say "easy" was my middle name, but I like the sound of "simple" better, don't you?"
Heeheehee, I couldn't resist putting that up!

And over at Living in the Kitchen with Puppies, I made Tyler's Whole Wheat Pullman Loaf with great success. It is a healthy and delicious sandwich bread that makes excellent toasted cheddar and tomato sandwiches!


Don't forget about our optional "Megan's Challenge" pick of Quinoa Pilaf this month. This will be a fun one to adapt and get your favorite summer veggies in there. Get the details here.
Thanks to everyone who cooked along with Tyler this week, congrats again to Heather of Girlichef! Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Congratulations Michelle!

Congrats again to Michelle of Black Black Dog who made Tyler's Strawberry Lemon Puddings, the dish we selected to be featured on Tyler Florence's site this week. 

They are now posted on Tyler's blog so click here to see them. They look gorgeous!

Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10th Round-Up!

Enjoying July so far? Hopefully you are getting a chance to have some summer fun! Some of that fun may be in the kitchen or at the grill, cooking Tyler's delicious recipes. 

Let's take a look at who cooked with Tyler this week!

Even slicing off the tip of her finger didn't discourage Heather from Heatherisathome from loving Tyler's The Ultimate Potato Gratin. She says: "All I have to say is DELICIOUS!!! These were, by far, the best potatoes I have ever had, made, eaten, put in my mouth. The aroma coming from the oven was amazing. They were beautiful, tasteful, and left me with a sense of, I have found my favorite Tyler Florence recipe."

Michelle from Big Black Dog says "For our 4th of July weekend we were having BBQ Ribs and I wanted the dessert to be something light and refreshing! Tyler's Strawberry Lemon Puddings were perfect. I added blueberries and sprinkled a few on top for our red, white and blue!" She also loved her dessert title saying, "Isn't that the cutest name for a dessert!"

Wanting to pamper her husband after a rough day, Beth of The Seventh Level of Boredom decided to try Tyler's Salt Crusted Porterhouse and Smashed Potatoes with Peas. She says, "The first bite you take, the salt hits you first, but immediately mellows and you get the robust taste of the steak, sealed in the juices by the salt crust. This recipe got an A+ from my husband."

The fact she couldn't get calamari didn't prevent Pam at Sidewalk Shoes from making one of Tyler's Ultimate salads, she made an easy substitution and had The Ultimate Greek Salad with Grilled Scallops. Pam says to, "Think of it as calamari with the hole filled in. This, of course, was wonderful. I've had Greek salads with grilled chicken, but never grilled scallops. They added a sweet and smokey flavor that was very enjoyable."

An abundance of fresh local blueberries in season had Arlene at The Food of Love looking for a great, easy recipe to use them in, and she found it with Tyler's Blueberry Cheesecake Bars. Arleen says they are "super-easy, super-fast, and super-scrumptious" and that she "found the citrus amount a perfect counterpoint to the sweetness of the cream cheese and sugar mixture."

Joanne from Eats Well with Others made an easy and delicious  casserole out of Tyler's Chicken Enchiladas for her family before leaving for school. She says, "My dad loved them, extolling their virtues to my brother, who was doubtful. I thought they could have been a little spicier and more seasoned but that's probably because I toned down the spices and seasoning for my aforementioned father. It's also probably because I could douse all my food in red pepper flakes and still beg for more."

Megan of My Baking Adventures has fallen in love with Tyler's Grilled Focaccia, even though she "changed it so much it may not be what Tyler Florence originally had in mind." Megan declares, "I’ve died and gone to carb~lovers heaven. Bread, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, spicy sausage, olive oil, and fresh black pepper. A perfect union. Ahhhh…….I’ll bet it’s even better with the salad on top -but I loved it just the way it was."

For her first TFF post, Lorra from Glitterkitchen, made Tyler's Chicken Francese. A big fan of the dish with her own regular recipe, she gave Tyler's version a shot and was happy she did, saying, "This will now be my go to recipe for chicken francese. It was literally almost gone from the time it hit the table. Matter of fact... my girls and hubby were fighting over my portion."  

Kim from Stirring the Pot thought that Tyler's Watermelon Nectar with Lime Salt looked like "the perfect mixed drink for summer" and decided to try it this week. After adding half of the amount of tequila Tyler called for she still found the drink to be pretty strong. Kim says that "The drink is beautiful, refreshing, and crisp. If you enjoy a strong drink, make this one!! Or, try it without the tequila. I think that would be great too!!"

Ready to try her very first Chili Cheese Dogs, our sheltered friend Natashya from Living in the Kitchen with Puppies, looked to Tyler for the recipe. Natashya says, "In Canada chili is generally just eaten with some crusty bread in the depths of winter, usually after hockey games and other toe-chilling events. Tyler's chili is one like I have never seen before, this recipe is surely designed solely to top hot dogs, being made primarily out of condiments. And you know what? It's good, really good."

Tyler's Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Squares have proved very popular with our TFF group. Although blueberries aren't quite in season yet in her neck of the woods, Jenny from All Things Edible finds that "they freeze fabulously, so good berries are always available to make this tasty little bar. Okay, it is really a cheesecake baked square and cut into bars, but it's still tasty!"

At Kahakai Kitchen, I needed the perfect easy recipe that matched with the movie "Ramen Girl" for a couch potato night in. After seeing Jessica of My Baking Heart's version of Tyler's Chicken Noodle Ramen Soup, I knew it was the perfect match. Oh so easy and delicious it was the perfect "comfort food" dinner and is a big step up in flavor and much healthier than instant ramen. Yum!

Announcements! Announcements!

Our featured recipe for this week, representing Tyler Florence Fridays this week on Tyler's site is....

A perfect summer dessert, Strawberry Lemon Puddings by Michelle at Big Black Dog! Congratulations Michelle! Your post will be placed on Tyler's blog next week!

The winner of our final monthly cookbook giveaway, Dinner at My Place, (hint, hint Tyler and his his peeps!) is Heather from Heatherisathome!  Congrats to Heather! I will be contacting you to get your mailing address. (Hope the book makes up for the finger slicing!

Don't forget about our optional "Megan's Challenge" pick of Quinoa Pilaf this month. This will be a fun one to adapt and get your favorite summer veggies in there. Get the details here.

Thanks to everyone who cooked along with Tyler this week!  Enjoy your weekend!