Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4th Round-Up!

Well if anyone needed more evidence that fall is coming, here it is. This week Tyler was in Los Angeles shooting a Thanksgiving special with Food Network favorite, Giada DeLaurentiis. Yikes--Thanksgiving is coming! Here is a picture that Tyler "tweeted" on Twiiter. 

On the menu for Tyler? Smoked Turkey with a Pumpkin Sage Gravy. Tyler's reply tweet when asked what was in it, "Dark turkey stock, smoked bacon, sage, onion, garlic and fresh pumpkin instead of a roux based thickener, reduce by 1/2. ..."  Mmm... Bet we see this in a TFF round-up when the recipe comes out. ;-)

Speaking of the round-up, let's take a look at who cooked along with Tyler this week:

Heatherisathome and is apparently hard at work in her kitchen, posting three different Tyler recipes this week. First up, Tyler's California Cobb with Poached Shrimp and Green Goddess Dressing. Heather says, "I've already indicated on my blog that I love a good salad. And I have to say, this is one of the best salads I've ever had at home (and that says alot since I have made specialty salads on many occasions). The dressing was out of this world -- It had a certain tanginess, almost spicy flavor. Every ingredient in the salad complimented another ingredient. It was truly delicious."

Next she tried his Grilled Brie and Tomato on Crusty Bread, saying, "This was really, really good. I have made a couple different variations of pesto by Tyler. They've all been good and have complemented whatever dish we were using them in. All the ingredients were paired nicely together and for an added bonus, they looked really appealing."

Finally Heather tried Tyler's Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese and says, "This is the third Tyler recipe I've made this week. And each time I try one of his recipes, I think, this is the best yet. But I have to say, they've all been equally good this week and will join the list of "must make again"."

We have some new faces this week at TFF, starting with Kris from What's Cooking? Kris used Tyler's recipe for Pizza on the Grill for her dough and sauce saying, "First the dough. I'll spare you the details. Let's just say that for the first time ever - it's perfect. It's spongy, doughy, heaven. I am super excited. Next the sauce. It's really easy to make. It looks good and tastes good. Excellent. Voila! They're done! They're tasty and delish. I DID IT!!!! You'd think I won a marathon or something." 

Another new face is Marisol from Once Upon a Plate who made Tyler's "Everything" Tuna Sandwich, using what she had on hand. Marisol says, "I was looking for a light, easy to prepare dinner on a warm summer evening and came across this recipe of Tyler's ~ this looked like it would fit the bill perfectly. All in all, it was a delicious sandwich which received thumbs-up around the table; I would definitely prepare this one again, next time on the 'everything' bagel, as well as with the tarragon and lettuce."

BigSis of BigSis/LilSis makes her first appearance at TFF with Tyler's Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars. BigSis says, "I’ve been wanting to try this recipe ever since I saw Tyler make it on his Tyler’s Ultimate show on Food Network a long time ago. These little dudes looked incredible, and have always stuck in my head. My expectations were not too high. These came out fabulous! I loved them, and they disappeared pretty darn fast from the office. So fast, in fact, that I didn’t get a chance to photograph them and had to make another batch over the weekend. Oh, darn!"

Making the most of a cooler day, Chaya of Chaya's Comfy Cook Blog tried Tyler's Creamy Corn Chowder. Chaya says. "I am a great fan of corn and a bigger fan of Tyler’s so I figured, this had to be a winner and it was. This soup is excellent. It is creamy, a tinge of sweetness, real corn flavor and very satisfying. I can see it becoming a staple, particularly in the winter.

Astounded by the amount of olive oil that eggplant soaks up, Joanne from Eats Well with Others still really enjoyed Tyler's Linguine with Roasted Eggplant and Cherry Tomatoes. She says, "This dinner was very simple and was one of those comforting meals that feels so welcoming after a long day of school and/or work. It is also really good topped with feta cheese. Especially if you're like me and just happen to have some lying around."

Jenny from All Things Edible says about Tyler's Roasted Corn with Parmesan. "This might not sound so appealing to everyone, but here is how this works: Bake your corn in the oven, still in the husk (this is a technique I am going to use again and again and again...), then peel back the husk and grill the corn. Give it some good color. When it is to your liking, smear it with mayonnaise. Yes, mayo. I used store bought this time, but you could make homemade. Then sprinkle on Parmesan cheese. That's it. Eat it. Trust me. Eat it. It really is good."

Jess from Black Cat Kitchen wasn't too enamoured with Tyler's Shrimp and Egg Fried Rice with Cabbage this week, saying, "Hubby picked this out for this week’s submission for Tyler Florence Fridays. We both think it was missing something, but can’t decide what. It was just kinda … blah. On the up side, it was super easy to prepare and it came together really fast. I’d like to try this again, but next time, with napa cabbage instead of purple. Though the purple cabbage did give it quite the beautiful blue hue. I felt like I was cooking with Dr. Seuss."

Tyler's Sicilian-Style Spaghetti was on Natashya's menu this week at Living in the Kitchen with Puppies. She says, "I kept promising myself, every time I passed this recipe in his book, that I would make it as soon as I had a nice head of cauliflower in my possession. I loved the idea of it before I even tried it. Cauliflower is simmered and sauteed, seasoned, and tossed with pasta, raisins and nuts. It sounded so crazy, it had to work.The dish was very tasty, and I loved the crispy breadcrumbs on top."

We missed Andrea from Nummy Kitchen and are happy to have her back cooking with us this week. Andrea says, "Time for Tyler Florence Fridays! I really missed participating in TFF over the summer and am so glad to be back. Today for breakfast we made Tyler's Banana Nut Muffins -- only I left out the nuts, I was planning on using walnuts but completely forgot, oops! These muffins were buttery, moist, and delicious, with crispy edges that my husband loves. I would make these again for sure, they were a nice easy morning muffin recipe."

Kim from Stirring the Pot says, "This week, I made Tyler's Corn Chowder with Chorizo from Stirring the Pot. Tyler's includes Fried Hog Island Oysters with his soup, but I couldn't find oysters anywhere around town, so I had to leave them out. I was very excited to actually find some Spanish style chorizo to include with this soup. I even got to chose between the regular version of Spanish chorizo and a spicy version. I totally chose spicy!! I really enjoyed this chowder and found it to be the perfect consistency. It was somewhat addictive as I have ate it everyday since I made it. It would be a great addition to any fall table or perfect for a Thanksgiving meal."

And finally over at Kahakai Kitchen I was looking for an easy Tyler recipe for a crazy week and found two, Angel Hair Pasta with Pesto and a Ripped Baguette with Garlic-Parsley Butter. The pasta was a good basic pesto recipe that went together quickly with the fresh angel hair. The bread was delicious--I liked how the garlic-parsley butter soaked into the middle of the warm bread. Together with some shrimp, it made a perfect meal and both are worth making again. 

What a great round-up of dishes this week and you can see how we all are enjoying the last days of summer and transitioning into the autumn season with our cooking as we kick off this Labor Day Weekend. Thanks to everyone who participated this week and welcome to our new bloggers!

You may be wondering about the featured recipe for this week. It seems that Tyler's peeps are having some struggles keeping up with all of us and have not even posted last week's winner (Kim's Chicken and Smoked Sausage Etouffee) yet. Rather than create a bigger backlog and pick another recipe, we are taking a break to see if they can catch back up. We'll keep you posted on what happens! 

Have a great weekend!


Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

What a fabulous round-up Deb!
Great pictures this week, just awesome. Keep up the good work guys, and welcome new participants!

Andrea said...

Wonderful round-up, Deb, thank you! I'm so happy to be able to cook with you all again :) Lots of delicious looking picks this week!

Kim said...

Great roundup Deb! Welcome to all the new participants. Lots of fabulous dishes - corn is very popular this week : ) I'm excited about the I heart cooking clubs group.

Jenny said...

What a great round up, all looking so tasty!

Julie said...

Great looking food as usual! I'm especially drawn to that corn :)

BigSis said...

What a fun event, and a great bunch of recipes! Thanks for letting me join in with you all!