Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tyler Florence Fridays Guidelines

Tyler Florence Fridays is Now Closed.

Welcome To Tyler Florence Fridays!

Want to have fun with the recipes of TV's hottest chef? Who wouldn't?

Here are a few guidelines for participation:

1. Make a dish from one of Tyler Florence’s cookbooks or online recipes. List the book if you are cooking from one of his books, or, if using an online recipe - link to that.

2. Link to Tyler Florence Fridays in your post.

3. Send us an email to by noon - Eastern Standard Time on Friday and include the following:

  • The post’s permalink
  • Your name, the dish that you made
  • Your blog name and a link to your blog
  • A medium sized picture (350x450 or smaller) so we can include it in the round up on Friday
  • Please put “TFF” in the subject line so we can avoid spam

4. We would love to read in your post any changes that you made and how you enjoyed the recipe. This is a great opportunity for all of us to discover his recipes!

5. You may post earlier than Friday if you wish but each post must be within the week of the round-up, round-ups are based on submitted emails with the above information, sent in each week.

6. Please let us know if you would like to be listed in the blogroll. We update the blogroll frequently, if you are going to be absent for a month or more and would like to remain a current member, please send us an email.

Tyler Florence Fridays