Friday, October 16, 2009

Oct 16th Round-Up!

Happy Tyler Florence Fridays, everyone!

Tyler is working away on his new season (8th!) of Tyler's Ultimate. I was trawling for photos of the new season but didn't find any, but I did find this video of him making a delicious looking Fettucine Diablo. I could go for a big plate of that right about now... plus a loaf of crusty bread and a big fat bottle of vino.. And if Tyler cooks it up, even better!
Ok, back to reality now. Let's see what's cooking with our TFF friends this week.

Beth of The Seventh Level of Boredom is on a soup kick this month, and made Tyler's Asian Egg Drop Soup. "It was.....okay. Sorry, Tyler, but while this is a good starting point, and very helpful in our process, the resulting soup was very.....bland. I know, I know, egg drop soup is not traditionally a show stopper, but I had higher ambitions this weekend."

Chaya of The Comfy Cook Blog made Spaetzle this week, something I have always wanted to try. "I loved this. It did bring back childhood memories. I sat down and ate two plates. That is not like me. My Mom is no longer alive but I think she would be happy to see one of her favorites re-created."

Deb of Kahakai Kitchen made a healthied-up version of Tyler's Chicken Green Chili this week.
"Healthy, filling and good, this was a unique chili with the poblanos, which I have not cooked a lot with. Since poblanos are a large, relatively mild chili and I wanted more of a flavor punch, I upped the amount of all of the spices and also added some cayenne pepper.
A good recipe that I would make again."

Jenny of All Things Edible made this delicious Cheesecake for Tyler Florence Fridays this week, to celebrate her son's birthday!
"My little sous chef requested cheesecake for his birthday cake, an odd choice for a 7 year old, but one I was able to do. And while cheesecake recipes are everywhere, I turned to Tyler for this special occasion cheesecake. Then made my own adaptions."

Jess at Black Cat Kitchen made these delicious Banana and Pecan Pancakes with Maple Butter.
"These were really good – I really liked the pecans (I left them chopped) in with the pancakes, it almost reminded me of eating a banana nut muffin. The only thing I’d do differently next time, is mash up the bananas and add to the batter as opposed to adding slices at the end."

Joanne of Eats Well With Others made this delicious Chicken Marsala this week.
"All I have to say is thank god for Tyler and this recipe. It was a winner all around. In fact, I think this is the only time that my brother, who generally only gives me ambivalent, non-descript opinions about my food, actually said that he liked what I cooked. The chicken and mushrooms were completely infused with the buttery, salty, marsala-y flavor of the sauce and each bite kept you going back for more. And more. Until you realize that 6 people have just eaten a meal that was supposed to feed 8. This is something that will go down in the history book as a recipe to make again and again."

Kim of Stirring the Pot is celebrating cooking her way half-way through Tyler's book of the same name. This week she made his Shrimp Scampi with Linguine.
"For me, the best part was the sauce. It was sweet, zesty, and a little spicy. I would make the recipe for sauce again. My mom, shrimp lover that she is, said that I could make it again anytime. She really liked it!! This recipe has received a five star review on the food network, so it is worth checking out!"

Mari of Once Upon a Plate made this colourful Green Bean and Bacon Salad.
"This is one of my favorite Tyler Florence recipes ~ it's fairly healthful (if you don't count the bacon), very flavorful and goes together quickly.
It's perfect for a potluck, or party because it can all be made ahead, then just tossed with the dressing when ready to serve."

And over at Living in the Kitchen with Puppies, I made Tyler's Cabbage, Apple and Bacon Slaw.
"The nice thing about slaw is that it is still crunchy the next day, making it perfect lunchbox fare.
And, of course, everything is better with bacon! Imagine if all-day breakfast joints topped up your bacon instead of your coffee - "Can I top up your bacon for you?" "Yes please!"

Thanks so much for cooking with us at Tyler Florence Fridays this week, everything looks awesome! Come November, our year of TFF will come to an end.
Feel free to join us at our new cooking club, "I Heart Cooking Clubs".
This cooking club will feature a revolving roster of chefs, changing every few months according to your votes, and weekly themes. Right now we are cooking up the delicious dishes of Nigella Lawson!



Deb in Hawaii said...

Great job with the round-up Natashya. Lots of great Tyler recipes to try again this week.

Fresh Local and Best said...

What a great cooking club!

Jenny said...

I'm working on looking into Nigella right now, just not sure if/when I'll have time to cook!

Chats the Comfy Cook said...

Every week, I am impressed with these recipes and the cooking everyone has done. This week is the same. I wish I could make all the ones I am interested in, in a week, but that is not reality.

Heather S-G said...

Wow...everything looks delicious! Hard to believe everybody's been cooking with Tyler for so long now :D You ladies did an absolutely fabulous job generating excitement and fabulous round-ups tirelessly...week after week! :D